Language Arts

Welcome to seventh grade Language Arts and Writing. 

Throughout the year students will be working on improving their use of grammar within writing, as well as on advancing their writing skills. The seventh grade Language Arts program provides a review of the central concepts of grammar, as well as introduces new and more complex theories. Daily instruction will focus on grammar and writing techniques. Concepts taught during these lessons will then be reinforced through writing. The seventh grade writing program covers a variety of genres. Some of these include diagnostic, expository, persuasive, and narrative writing. One of the most important goals of this program is to prepare students to become the best writers they can be; therefore, students will be writing on a daily basis. Reviewing process writing throughout each quarter is one way we will work to achieve this goal. There will also be writing assignments that are cross-curricular with Literature, Science, and Social Studies.  


Contact Information

Mrs. Jennifer Callahan
Seventh Grade Literature Teacher
630/985-9200 ext. 7461

Mrs. Jennifer Thill
Seventh Grade Literature Teacher
630/985-9200 ext. 7459

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