In math the students start to learn how to think algebraically. Many of the procedures that were "old hat" using numbers, now are expressed using letters. In our class we try to emphasize that the procedure is what is the most important thing, not necessarily the answer.  Most of the errors that we see in class, happen to be small procedural errors. I want students to feel confident about their work, and the best way that I can do that is by seeing what they have done.

Other expectations in math are that students come prepared everyday with their books and pencils. I tell the students that we don't take big steps in math, but each of the steps is a "building block" for the next lesson as each one builds upon the next.

I continue to look forward to an exciting year and I hope to learn along with the students as we are all "lifetime learners."

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Ms. Lauren Kotzum
Seventh Grade Math Teacher
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Mr. Mike McLean
Math Teacher 
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