Social Studies

Welcome to seventh grade Social Studies. What a fun and exciting time to take a step back and glimpse into our past. This year in Social Science, seventh grade students will be studying and understanding the development of the United States. The young country was in chaos after the end of the Revolutionary War, and it was up to our founding fathers to work together to shape the rights and freedoms we have today.

We are very excited about the ideas and concepts that will be covered this year, as we hope all of you are excited to learn. 

This is an exciting and interesting class created to help children understand the importance of the development of America. Also, we will be recognizing the land formations that explain populations in certain areas of America.

It is important for students to develop socially, as well as become independent leaders. Students will be participating in situations where they will need to work together to complete a project or specific task. This year, seventh grade students will be engaged in numerous projects to further their understanding in areas such as the Constitution, Reconstruction, Slavery, Westward Expansion, and the Civil War. Working in both groups and independently, students will gain a deeper knowledge of each of these concepts. We feel this is a valuable lesson for students to come together to share information and work together.

Students will also have the opportunity to state opinions that are appropriate to subject matter we are discussing. They will also complete independent assignments linked to the concepts reviewed in class. When working independently, students can understand the information more clearly.

Social Studies is a fun place to learn about how our lives have changed because of events that have occurred in our history. It is our dedication to education that will help students understand the importance of this.

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Mrs. Kristina Patrey
Social Studies
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Students will have access to the on-line textbook. The username is ‘Cass American History’ and the password is ‘History7’.

Important Documents

Civil War