"Why Do I Volunteer?"

Quotes from Foundation members
August 2010

"I joined the Foundation in order to take on a small piece of the responsibility of creating a better place for our children - little did I know how much satisfaction I would get from being a part of this organization and what great people I would meet in the process!"
Blaine Loffredi

"I was nervous when I was first voted in to join the Cass District 63 Foundation Board. I didn’t know what to expect. It is a great experience! I really feel like I’m contributing to the schools and my boy’s education. Our job is to evaluate grants received from the faculty and staff and award funds to support their special projects. I felt so good when we awarded $20,000 toward district technology (i.e. Smart boards) and $1.500 toward the 7th Grade Springfield trip recently. It’s so great to see firsthand the contribution we make to the kids and the district."
Joan Brandeis

"It is exciting to take an active role in educational opportunities for our kids."
Cathy Allen

"To continue to see that the District offers educational enrichment beyond the minimum required."
Kevin Camden

"Making a difference in my children’s educational experience was what attracted me to the Foundation. Once I joined, I was pleased with the professional matter in which the organization was managed."
Mary Sullivan

"I got involved with the Foundation because I want my children to have access to the very best technology out there today for educational purposes. Their future success depends on the base they are building today and I don't ever want an opportunity to pass them by because other children had access to something my children did not. I cannot control our district's budget, but I can raise funds to supplement that budget when the need arises. And by being involved I have a direct impact on where those dollars are spent and on the investment being made today in my children's futures."
Katie Gallagher

"The reason I joined the foundation was working full time does not allow me to participate in most school activities since they take place during the day, the Foundation was a way for me to get involved and meet other parents in the district."
Becky Bellettini

"I joined the Foundation to be part of a Dynamic group of individuals who are all motivated to contribute their time and talents to make Cass District #63 the best place to educate our children. Also, to show my children how important it is to volunteer in your community. And, to get to know the staff and administration who have dedicated themselves to educating our children."
Nancy Ardovitch

"Want to enrich the children's learning experiences by being able to offer resources to the teachers and 'school community' they may not have accessibility to otherwise."
Leslie Rospert

"I am passionate about helping others."
Steve Kirin

"The Foundation allows me to work with excellent people who have the same goal as mine and support our children and district in ways beyond our imagination."
Steve Alavi

"As a recent member of the Foundation, I am constantly impressed by the dedication of the team and its focus on funding grants/projects that enhance the kids educational experience."
Charu Verma