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Board Briefs - November 15, 2022

  • The Board Briefs are highlights from the most recent Board of Education meetings. The purpose of the Board Briefs is to provide a timely summary to keep our staff, parents and public informed of the key items that were discussed or acted upon. More detailed information is available under the Board Schedules, Agendas and Minutes section of the District’s website. Official minutes are not posted until approval at the following meeting.

    New Board Member Chris Green

    From a very strong applicant pool of six candidates, the Board of Education has selected and seated Mr. Chris Green as the newest member. He is replacing Kent Absalonsen, who recently moved out of the district. Mr. Green is a real estate development manager and lives in Darien with his wife Prem and two sons. We welcome Mr. Green and thank him for his willingness to serve in this volunteer role.

    Board Member Appreciation and Conference

    November 15 was Board Member Appreciation Day in Illinois and Superintendent Mark Cross thanked the Board for their support of our district and staff, as well as their representation of the community and taxpayers. Several members will be attending the upcoming Joint Annual Conference in Chicago, and Urszula Tanouye will represent our Board at the 2022 Delegate Assembly.

    Tentative 2022 Tax Levy

    Mr. Cross presented the tentative 2022 tax levy for Cass School District 63. The recommended levy of $10,360,739 excluding debt service, compared to last year’s actual extension of $9,828,058, is an increase of 5.42 percent. The final amount of taxes on an individual property could be higher or lower and will depend on any changes in assessment of the individual property, as well as what other taxing bodies levy for taxes. This levy is separate from the potential issuance of bonds as a result of the successful referendum on November 8. The final amount for that will be determined at a later date.

    Last year’s total tax increase for Cass 63 was 1.8 percent, while the year prior there was a total increase of 2.9 percent. The average increase in local property tax revenues over the previous 10 years has averaged 2.01 percent. Mr. Cross also provided the Questions and Answers about Local Property Taxes for anyone interested in learning more. After some discussion, the Board approved the tentative levy. Since this year’s proposed levy exceeds 105 percent of the previous year’s extension, the Board must hold a public truth in taxation hearing. The Board approved a resolution setting the public hearing for Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.

    Board Approves Concord Summer HVAC Project

    Separate from the recent referendum, the district had planned a small project to address the most immediate HVAC needs in three rooms at Concord. This will be done as a separate project from our geothermal plans to utilize some of our grant funds and ensure that the art, music and Ivy League Kids rooms remain functional. The Board approved the low bid of $274,000 from Kandu Construction of Skokie for the summer 2023 project.

    In Other Key Action Items, the Board of Education… 

    • Approved recommended Board policy updates
    • Approved the employee insurance program renewal
    • Approved the employment of Tamara Kohout as a bus driver
    • Accepted the resignation of Concord teacher assistant Cheryl Walrath
    • Approved a $50,000 school maintenance matching grant application
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