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  • Bus Routes

    Regular bus routes, pick up, and drop off times through Sunrise Transportation, our regular school bus service, have been established for the start of the 2023-24 school year. If your family has signed up and paid for a bus route, please locate and review the appropriate pick up and/or drop off location adjacent to your home under the links that were emailed to determine which route and stop your child will utilize. Please note that pick up and drop off times are estimates, particularly until routes are well established. Students and their parent or other responsible adult should plan on being at the appropriate stop five minutes before the time shown.

    If you have not registered and paid fees for the bus, your child is not permitted to utilize these services. If you decide bus services are needed for your child, please contact your child's school office. Please note that if an existing stop is not available to you, we will need time to make adjustments to the route, but no adjustments will be made until after Labor Day.

    Communication Procedures

    Parents should contact Sunrise Transportation dispatch directly at 630-541-3414 should your child’s bus is late, appears to have missed your stop, or if your child did not arrive home on the bus. Please contact transportation director Keith Monaco at kmonaco@cassd63.org should you have any questions about the bus routes or stops.

    Important Safety Requirements

    For safety reasons, all children must have a consistent pick up location every morning and a consistent drop off location every afternoon. There will not be different pick up and drop off locations for different days of the week.

    Students are not permitted to ride a bus other than the bus to which they are assigned. Bus routes are modified each year based upon participation and any exceptions must be approved in advance.

    Parents of children from PreK through 2nd grade or another responsible adult must be at the stop when your child is picked up or dropped off. Older siblings accompanying the younger child may allow for some exceptions. Pick up and drop off locations are not necessarily adjacent to or near a child's home, so please plan accordingly.

    Please remember that it is the responsibility of the parent to get children safely to and from the bus stop, and it is the district's responsibility to get our children safely from the bus stop to school, and back to the bus stop at the end of the day. For more information, please refer to our Bus Procedures & Guidelines.

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