Our Vision 2025 Strategic Plan

  • Every highly effective organization has a plan for growth, improvement and continued success. The Cass School District 63 Board of Education set a course to establish a strategic plan to guide the work of the Board, leadership team, teachers and staff through 2025. Academic Growth and Achievement, Student Services and Support and Student Health and Safety are the three pillars in our Vision 2025 Strategic Plan. Here is our Mission and Core Beliefs and Values as well as the one-page Strategic Plan Summary

    Indicators of Progress and Success
    An effective strategic plan requires not only clear goals, but also a method to monitor progress. Our method is to categorize and show progress for each pillar and indicator under the following four categories:

  • January 2024 Progress Review
    Each of the three pillars include seven underlying indicators and progress toward each of these indicators is monitored by the leadership team and Board of Education. The most recent review for January of 2024 is provided under the dropdowns of each goal and indicator below.

  • Pillar 1 - Academic Growth and Achievement

  • Pillar 2 - Student Services and Support

  • Pillar 3 - Student Health and Safety