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    “Where the Focus is on the Child"

    Concord Elementary School’s Preschool is a five-day a week, morning or afternoon half-day program that offers services for all children ages three to five years old. The blended model includes “At-Risk,” Special Education and tuition-based students. If needed, bus transportation is provided at no charge.

    The blended program is designed for children who need support in any of the major areas of development: language, cognition, gross motor, fine motor, social-emotional and perception. A primary goal is to reinforce a child's natural love of learning. The blended curriculum is experiential and play-based. It is organized around a multidisciplinary, thematic curricular model. The educational disciplines of Language and Literacy, Math, Perception, Motor Development, Music, Art, Science and Social Science are therefore integrated within each theme.

    Some children need their learning environment adapted in order to derive the greatest impact on learning. Thematic, integrated organization provides additional contextual meanings to assist the child with application and generalization of knowledge and skills, thereby promoting social and emotional development in a natural, nurturing atmosphere. Families are valued and are viewed as an integral part of the educational team in the Blended Prekindergarten Program.

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  • Special Education Eligibility

  • At-Risk Eligibility

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