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  • e-Learning Plan

    for school years 2023-24, 2024-25 and 2025-26

    In the event the District determines that in-person school is not feasible (i.e. weather conditions), we will move to our e-Learning plan for the day. Following is the e-Learning Plan that the District must submit to the DuPage County Election Commission every three years that outlines the general plan for e-Learning:

    • Ensure and verify at least 5 clock hours of instruction or school work, as required under Section 10-19.05 for each student participating in the e-learning day

    The teacher e-Learning workday will be 5 hours and 30 minutes, and instruction in both buildings shall commence at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 2:00 p.m. A minimum of 5 clock hours of synchronous and/or asynchronous instruction or a combination thereof is required to fulfill the state requirements for a school day.

    • Ensure access from home or other appropriate remote facility for all students participating, including computers, the Internet, and other forms of electronic communication that must be utilized in the proposed program.

    All students in Cass School District 63 have been provided with individual electronic devices, which will be utilized on e-Learning Days.

    The Google Classroom platform will be utilized and plans and schedules will be communicated to parents and students as appropriate for each subject and grade level.

    • Ensure that non-electronic materials are made available for students participating in the program who do not have access to the required technology or to participating teachers or students who are prevented from accessing the required technology.

    In cases when students are unable to complete e-learning work within the e-learning specified hours and/or due to unforeseen circumstances (power outages, lack of Internet access, etc.) Teachers will work and communicate with students and their families directly, giving students the opportunity to submit missed work within a reasonable period of time that is appropriate for the age of the students.

    • Ensure appropriate learning opportunities for students with special needs.

    Per the Resolution to adopt eLearning Program, the District will ensure that appropriate learning opportunities will be provided to children with special needs. e-Learning Days will incorporate any IEP identified requirements and adjustments for each individual student.

    • Monitor and verify each student's electronic participation.

    The District is able to monitor a student's electronic activity remotely and is able to determine if a student is participating and completing assigned work.

    • Address the extent to which student participation is within the student's control as to the time, pace and means of learning.

    The District is able to monitor a student's electronic activity remotely and is able to determine if a student is participating and completing assigned work. The District is able to check timing and pace of the work being completed as well. If it is determined that a student is encountering difficulty completing an assignment or is having difficulty keeping pace with other students doing the same assignment, the situation will be assessed and adjustments made to ensure that student is able to complete the assignment as required.

    • Provide effective notice to students and their parents or guardians of the use of particular days for e-learning

    Parents have been informed that should the District need to utilize an Emergency Closing Day, the District would automatically move to an e-Learning Day.

    With the understanding that it may not always be feasible, as much as possible the District will make every effort to make a decision regarding the need for an e-Learning day prior to the end of the previous teacher work day.

    • Provide staff and students with adequate training for e-learning day's participation

    Staff has been trained and are prepared for what to do should an e-Learning Day become necessary. They have all worked with their students as well as informed parents as to what to expect and how to obtain assignments on an e-Learning Day as well.

    • Ensure that all teachers and staff who may be involved in the provisions of e-learning have access to any and all hardware and software that may be required for the program.

    All teachers in Cass School District 63 have been given District devices on which they are able to work remotely and will allow them to carry out the e-Learning Day plans.

    • Ensure an opportunity for any collective bargaining negotiations with representatives of the school district's employees that would be legally required and including all classifications of school district employees who are represented by collective bargaining agreements and who would be affected in the event of an e-learning day

    A Memo of Understanding with the Cass Education Association has been agreed to and approved in regards to e-Learning Days and their requirements.

    • Review and revise the program as implemented to address difficulties confronted

    As with any curriculum within Cass School District 63, care is given to evolving and improving as we learn. Adjustments will always be made as teachers see ways to improve programs and this will be no exception.

    • Ensure that the protocol regarding general expectations and responsibilities of the program is communicated to teachers, staff, and students at least 30 days prior to utilizing an e-learning day.

    Protocols have already been provided to teachers, staff, students and parents and will be reiterated at the time that an e-Learning day is deemed necessary. The district is also developing a page on our website with the e-Learning Plan so parents have easily accessed information on e-Learning and a place where the District is able to quickly share and communicate any new information or updates.

    Teachers are expected to be prepared for an e-Learning day that allows for the continuity of instruction, learning, and rigor as appropriate for the age-level and ability of the students.