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    “Where the Focus is on the Child"

    The Concord Elementary School Second Grade classrooms are full of discovery, wonder and imagination. The students engage in reading diverse texts, such as fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, biographies and fantasy. Students also use what they have read, as well as their own personal experiences, to write for a variety of purposes.


    Students in Second Grade continuously discover new ways to solve math problems. They are exposed to a multitude of strategies to solve math questions, which allows them to select the ones that work best for their learning style. The students enjoy sharing with their classmates the strategies that work best for them. Second graders spend time practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. They have come to realize that knowing the math facts quickly and accurately creates a fun learning environment.


    Second graders often wonder how things work or what happened in the past. During our Social Studies and Science classes, students begin to understand the world around them as well as the history of this great nation. Our Science classes are focused on describing materials, changes to materials, Earth's surface, and living things. Our Social Studies and Science units are aligned with our reading series and STEM classes, which are great ways for students to find answers to their many questions.

    This rigorous curriculum is driven by research based textbooks and the Illinois Common Core Learning Standards.

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