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    The Library Media Center is the place to find, evaluate, and use information. Information is everywhere…in our books in the library, in our reference section, and in the computer lab through e-texts and online resources.

    Our center helps students develop the skills they need to locate information, decide whether it is useful, and use it in meaningful way. Developing digital citizenship and responsible use of the web for students is essential in a 21st century environment, for future success in education.

    These are life skills which will become more important as the children mature. In the elementary years, we introduce age-appropriate challenges which will be built upon in middle school. At all levels, these skills are taught in the context of the core classrooms and in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

    At the core of our center, we love books, and introduce the children to various genres of literature, such as realistic fiction, fantasy, or mystery. We will also introduce students to informational text, in its many forms, laying the foundation for information seeking needed at the middle school level.

    A librarian is in a school to help children unlock the pathways to knowledge, understanding, and success..


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