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    Weekly "NoteTotes" are district-wide and individual school communications that are published on Cass School District 63's website every Wednesday school is in session and will remain posted for four weeks. District communications are listed under both Concord Elementary School and Cass Junior High School. To ensure you receive all communications, please check under each school you have a child attending.

District Communications

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    Please note that in order to view the NoteTotes, you will need a PDF reader (e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader).

    In addition to being good for the global environment, electronic "NoteTotes" have and will continue to save the school district significant amounts of money that then can be used for other needed areas. Effective communication is a vital variable in successful schools, please continue to do your part and be active in reading Cass School District 63’s weekly communications.

    How to get a NoteTote Published

    If you are interested in getting a NoteTote published and distributed to school families, please adhere to these steps:

    1.    The following official District disclaimer is required on all flyers distributed by non-school based organizations in the District. This disclaimer, no smaller than 1’’ x 3” should be displayed in the top right hand corner of the submitted document.

    not tote disclaimer

    2.    Submit the flyer, along with the date you would like your flyer distributed and posted via email to Gayle Wilson, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent at GWilson@CassD63.org for consideration.

    3.    The District reserves the right to limit or deny a request.

    4.    NoteTotes are published every Wednesday afternoon when school is in session. Please be sure to submit your request no later than the Monday prior to the Wednesday you would like your flyer considered for posting.