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Greg Kirchen

About the Teacher

  • Mr. Kirchen feels that daily Physical Education is especially critical for students in elementary school. He understands that lifelong physical activity levels are rooted in the basic motor skills that students learn in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade. By providing a wide variety of movement opportunities including team sports, dance and adventure education, students learn to develop a range of abilities.

    Additionally, Mr. Kirchen believes in the importance of maintaining students' physical fitness. He recognizes that healthy students are stronger learners and he works closely with the classroom teachers to help each student succeed. In Concord Elementary School Physical Education, Mr. Kirchen emphasizes teamwork and sportsmanship, and encourages students to discover new strengths while developing their own personal skills.

    Mr. Kirchen currently teaches Kindergarten through Fourth Grade Physical Education. He is also the Head Boys Track and Field Coach at Cass Junior High School.