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Angela Zurawski

About the Teacher

  • Mrs. Zurawski currently teaches Kindergarten through Fourth Grade General Music classes where students learn to experience and express the joy of music through speech, singing, movement, the use of instruments, listening and performance. 

    The students have General Music classes 30 minutes, twice a week, where the basic elements, symbols, tools, processes, style, history, culture, vocabulary and the uniqueness of Music are introduced or reinforced, depending on the grade level. 

    Basic elements of rhythm, steady beat, tempo, dynamics, timbre/tone color, melody and form are introduced at the Kindergarten level, then built upon in Grades First through Fourth. The singing voice is one of the main topics covered as a tool in all grades. 

    The process of learning the staff notation system and Music vocabulary is introduced in Kindergarten through Second Grade then broadened within Third and Fourth Grades. Each grade level performs a Music Program during the course of the school year. 

    Meet the Composers

    Students in First through Fourth Grade attend the “Meet the Composers” component of “Meet the Masters” several times throughout the school year. Students learn about the fascinating lives, famous works, compositions and historical Time Periods of one specific Master Composer during each scheduled class session. Students experience this through multimedia content which includes Smart Board technology, the Internet, props, games, Music CD's, instruments and more. “Meet the Composers” supports several of the Fine Arts Learning Standards.


    Students will learn and experience the unique qualities of music, along with similarities within other art forms, through various activities in their weekly music classes and performances throughout the school year. Students review the Patriotic Songs of our country and perform them at an annual All School Patriotic Assembly. Students will also become familiar with "Good Character Assets," through song and movement as they annually prepare an all school assembly with songs that include those positive character traits. Students are encouraged to show appropriate Performance and Assembly Behavior that is reinforced during regular Music classes and All School Assemblies.


    Every student will be chosen to be the "MAESTRO" helper in one of his or her music classes during the year. The Maestro chooses which row of students may line up first at the end of class and provides assistance with any additional needs that may arise during their Music Class. To support Concord Elementary School's School Improvement Goal to enhance literacy, the "MAESTRO" in Second Grade chooses a letter of the alphabet, then reads a brief excerpt from the book, "M is for Melody," the Musical Alphabet, at the beginning of each class.

    Junior Chorus

    Mrs. Zurawski is also the Concord School Junior Chorus Director. 

    Third and Fourth Grade students may join the Junior Chorus, which meets for one hour, once a week, after school on Tuesday or Wednesday from October to April, with several performances throughout the school year.  

    She has been teaching Music in Cass School District 63 for over 30 years. 

    Mrs. Zurawski earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education from The University of Illinois-Champaign.