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  • Cass School District 63 has a test-to-stay program, which allows eligible students who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to remain in school after a close contact at school or on a school bus (not an extracurricular activity). Students who qualify for test-to-stay can practice and participate in extracurricular activities, but not competitions (e.g., balls games) or performances (e.g., concerts). until after the five day exclusion period

    To be considered, the answer to each of the following questions in the protocols must be Yes. If the answer to ANY of the following questions is No at any point during the prescribed time period following a close contact at school, then the student is ineligible for test-to-stay and will be excluded for the required timeframe, per guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health. 

    An unvaccinated student who is determined to be eligible to participate in test-to-stay will be given 2 tests within 7 days of exposure, with the first test falling after the day of exposure and the second test falling between days 5 and 7. It should be further noted that while the initial determination of eligibility for test-to-stay will be determined by the school district based on the protocols explained here, the DuPage County Health Department could also determine that a student must be excluded.

    Test-to-Stay Protocol Eligibility Questions

    Following are the questions that must be answered to determine a close contact student’s eligibility for the test-to-stay protocols as described above.

    1.  Did the close contact take place at school or on a school bus (not an extracurricular activity)?

    Yes – Move to the next question.

    No – A student who is a close contact outside of the normal school day or on the school bus is ineligible for test-to-stay. Close contacts during extracurricular activities do not qualify for test-to-stay.

    2.  Does the close contact student remain asymptomatic?

    Yes – Move to the next question.

    No – If the close contact student exhibits any symptoms at any time, then the student who was a close contact is ineligible for test-to-stay.

    3.  Has the parent provided consent to the school district's on-site testing program so that these testing protocols can be provided for the close contact student?

    Yes – Move to the next question.

    No – If the parents of the close contact student do not provide consent for participation in the on-site testing program, then the student who was a close contact is ineligible for test-to-stay.

    4.  Have both the child and the parent remained compliant with the on-site testing regimen required under current health guidance?

    Yes – If the answer to all four questions remains YES, then the child is eligible for test-to-stay, assuming that the local health department does not determine that exclusion is necessary.

    No – If the parents and/or the close contact student does not remain compliant with the required testing regimen, then the student who was a close contact is ineligible for test-to-stay.