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    “Where the Focus is on the Child"

    Third Grade is a transitional year. Students are expected to be more responsible in many ways. The gradual release model is used in the classroom, with students doing more independent work with less assistance from the teachers. Parents are strongly encouraged to assist with homework, help prepare for tests, work on Math facts and read and discuss with their child at least 20 minutes daily. 


    Reading is a time of building on prior knowledge while also introducing and developing higher level skills. Rigor and stamina are increased and expectations are raised using all genres of literature. Students will become proficient in reading strategies, vocabulary and grammar skills. All of these will help Third Graders become inferential readers rather than just literal thinkers. Writing topics will include responding to reading, creating narratives, persuasive and expository pieces.

    Math includes a number of topics, including operations, problem solving, fractions, geometry, measurement and data. Focus will include higher level thinking and the sharing of information. Mastery of facts is expected.

    Science and Social Science will enable the children to expand their knowledge of the past, present and the future. Topics include environments, development of communities near and far, historical facts and consequences of actions. Third graders will begin to understand the rights and responsibilities of being good citizens who will become future leaders.

    This rigorous curriculum is driven by research based textbooks and the Illinois Common Core Learning Standards.

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