Ground Breaking Kids
  • Facility and Safety Planning

  • Since the successful November 2022 referendum, our school district has been moving forward with our plans to address essential safety, security and HVAC needs in our schools. The election results show the trust our community places in our school district, and we will show our community that they made a wise decision. The school district also recently held a groundbreaking ceremony on the geothermal phase of the project, and here are pictures from the wonderful event. Following is more information, and questions are welcome by contacting Superintendent Mark Cross at or 331-481-4004.

  • 1. What are the facility and safety plans?

  • 2. How are the current HVAC systems outdated?

  • 3. Why geothermal?

  • 4. How does it work?

  • 5. What are the energy savings?

  • 6. When will the work take place?

  • 7. What is the cost of the project?