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    “Where the Focus is on the Child"

    This all important grade level provides a foundation for learning and a pathway to the future. The Kindergarten teachers are always reminded of the awesome responsibility they have for those students and families whose intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative support is entrusted to them. Kindergarten at Concord is considered a full-day program. Parents interested in a half-day option should contact the school office.

    The Kindergarten program integrates learning activities throughout all curricular areas around common themes. This approach to learning allows children with a variety of background experiences and interests to learn at their own developmental level. The nature of this type of program caters to the development of the "whole child." Open-ended, hands-on learning activities and centers provide a basis for multi-level thinking and incorporate the various learning styles of children.  

    The most important goal for any Kindergarten program is that of establishing a strong love of learning and a positive sense of self-worth. This translates into increased enthusiasm and the motivation to become self-directed learners. With a strong emphasis on social and emotional strength, as well as high expectations for student achievement, the Kindergarten teachers provide a rich learning environment for their students. The response is children who look forward to school and are excited about learning new things. Children are confident in their success and comfortable with their mistakes. The Kindergarten teachers feel blessed with the opportunity to do something each day that they truly love.

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