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    The Teaching and Learning Department promotes academic excellence, enhances educational opportunities for Cass School District 63 students and staff and strives to improve the quality of teaching and learning by providing leadership and support. Various topics included within the scope of this department include: curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development, grant writing and reporting, resource adoption, Special Education, English language learning, Gifted Program, library services and instructional technology (in partnership with the Technology Department). 

  • Standards Based Reporting

    Cass School District 63 reports student progress to parents based on students demonstrating an understanding of a set of predetermined standards based on content and subject area expectations. Compared to traditional grading, standards based grading more accurately represents learning progress towards the proficiency of standards. Assessing progress towards each standard allows feedback that is specific. Work habits are also reported separately than academic/content standards.

    Standards-based progress allows for teachers to modify their instruction based on individual results using both formative and summative assessments. Progress measured to standards allows for students to be measured against themselves rather than others.


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